Integrated collection program

OWA's 3D printing waste collection service

An integrated collection program entirely free of charge. Print in 3D as much as you want, we handle the rest!

Purchase 10 spools and get an OWA collection box for your 3D printing waste. When it is full, request collection of your box. Included in the OWA 3D offer, this is an entirely free service.

It enables you to dispose of your 3D printing waste… and helps reduce your environmental footprint. All collected materials are reintroduced into the materials recovery cycle and reused.

Flesh out your ideas. Cut the amount of your waste

To activate your collection service, contact us via our contact form

  • 2 years warranty
  • Free hotline
  • Secure payment


  • 2 years  WARRANTY

  • free hotline

  • 24 hours delivery

  • Secure payment

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