The Armor 3D Team

Enthusiasts at your service

Fascinated by innovative materials, I want to play a part in developing 3D printing and in taking up the challenge

Nicolas Morand

Research & Development, Innovation and Industrialization Manager
Yannick Castel

I want to contribute to the growth of 3D printing to prove that environment and innovation are compatible.

Yannick Castel

Channel Sales Manager

As an athlete and enthusiastic entrepreneur, I am convinced of possible synergies between 3D printing and the environment

Pierre-Antoine Pluvinage

Marketing and Business Development Manager
Photo Bertrand Pesneau 2

Driven by marketing and New Technologies, my vision is contributing to making 3D printing accessible to the widest number of people.

Bertrand Pesneau

Head of Digital Marketing

I love challenges and I intend to put my operational skills in a demanding environment.

Florian Kalbach

Process technician

3D printing is about to radically transform how we produce and consume. The Armor 3D team is mobilized to make the most out of this tremendous innovation to produce more responsibly.

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  • 2 years  WARRANTY

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