OWA’s philosophy

Waste nothing, re-use everything

We have to change our way of consuming!

Our growing consumption is depleting our resources and the price of raw materials will soon soar, and with it the cost of our consumption. This is not a distant future, but rather the direct consequence of our daily acts.

The development of 3D printing represents a tremendous opportunity for producing in a more responsible manner: an alternative to mass production, 3D printing offers the possibility of manufacturing cleaner objects and converting unused waste into useful products. And yet, its corollary is wasted raw materials, unused waste… It’s high time that innovation and production ceased to go hand in hand with pollution.

Remanufacturing 2D printing consumables and reusing 3D printing waste are becoming simple yet paramount ecological gestures. If all 2D and 3D printing consumables were reused just once, we could already significantly cut the amount of waste they generate.

That is why ARMOR has created OWA, a unique circular economy solution applied to 2D and 3D printing consumables.

OWA, a new gesture with positive repercussions

By adopting the OWA model you become aware of the need to act and set an example.

With OWA, print differently, adopt a circular economy paradigm and help reduce the volume of waste, thanks to printing consumables (cartridges and filaments) made from recycled products and designed to be recyclable.


OWA is the first QUALICERT-certified Laser cartridge recycling chain


Our entire OWA circular economy offering is QUALICERT-certified (collection, grading and recycling, remanufacturing and distribution). QUALICERT certifies that ARMOR meets its quality and recycling commitments 100%.

  • 2 years warranty
  • Free hotline
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  • 2 years  WARRANTY

  • free hotline

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  • Secure payment

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